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8 reasons to go with AMR Surveillance...

1. WDR - Wide Dynamic Range: With WDR, our cameras produce clear picture quality even under back light condition when there are both very bright and dark area simultaneously.

2. Smart IR: Smart IR technology automatically adjusts IR lighting and ensures that the camera captures usable video in dark conditions, even when the objects of interest is located close to the IR LEDs.

3. HLC -High Light Compesation: HLC will mask the source of the bright light with a dark shape, thus allowing the area to the side of the light source to be viewed and recorded.

4. Defog /Demist: The defog /demist function uses an advanced algorithm to enhance the images captured in hazy ambient conditions such as fog, mist, harsh, backlighting, and low ambient lighting. This function gives a sharp, clear picture, even in less than ideal conditions. 

5. Smart NR (3D Noise Reduction): 3DNR Technology is a method of suppressing noise in an image, appearing in low light.

6. Sense-Up (Slow Shutter): See in color-in the dark! By automatically slowing the  shutter speed, the camera is able to pick up the slightest traces of light to display a bright image.

7. True Day /Night (IR Filter): For more accurate, vivid color reproduction during daytime use, an IR Cut Filter is automatically moved over the lens to block unwanted IR. At night, the filter is removed to deliver maximum visibility and clear IR illumination.

8. Motion Detection: By defining areas of interest, like a door, window, or driveway, you can define when the NVR should start recording video. You can schedule recordings or the NVR can record when there is motion. This not only conserves hard drive space, but also means you can record for more days before older recordings are overwritten.

24-Hour Monitoring

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