‚Äč- Brian and Thomas were both extremely professional!  It has just been one day but so far we are very pleased with AMR, their staff and the experience.
Thank you, Brad & Lana. 02/01 5:43pm

Our Customers mean the world to us, Here is what they are saying about our service.

- Jose says sums it up with 2 words "great job" 9/14 

4:19 PM

- Bobby commented "Both the Representative and the technician were very knowledgeable and very thorough and everything they did. I absolutely love my surveillance system and would recommend AMR Surveillance to anyone in the market for security needs". 9/11 2:10 PM

- Myrna said "AMR Surveillance Company is truly a company that is reliable trustworthy and very knowledgeable. The technicians are very helpful with any questions I had. The customer service was great!"  9/14 6:32 PM